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Procrastinating Again

I have the very bad habit of taking a lot of photos sometimes labeling them and their file folder, but then never ‘putting them away’ so to speak.

It means my SD cards are a jumble of files and sometimes I run out of space. I’ve made a concerted effort to prune those files—but dealing with them on a daily or somewhat daily basis would certainly be better.

That procrastination occurs in my artwork as well. Maybe it is because I am not quite sure what the next step will be and the project needs to percolate or stew or something for some time.

Here is a photo of two pieces I quilted sometime this last summer. The one on the right is destined to be a NICU coverlet—they cover the bassinets at night to provide some semblance of night and day for the premies. ICU’s do the same thing–but it is just turniing down the lights—-it seems our brains and bodies need to know it is night/rest/sleep time to function properly in the daylight hours.

The one on the right is an art piece I made while learning how to do inserted circles. In reality, I already knew how to do it–but it was fun to have a class and see other people in the on-line class but not have to think very hard.

The NICU cover–a fabric book panel, is already bound and ready for delivery.

The one I call Pennies featured an embroidery my mother did during World War II; the large red circles are meant to represent pennies. I wanted to put an image of a penny on them–but stumped as to how to do it. I may have figure out a way—but in the meantime I will procrastinate by hand-sewing down the binding.

Procrastination is indeed a sport requiring practice.

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