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Finishing up a Few Things But not making much of a Dent

The time between Christmas and New Year’s tends to be a time during which I tyr to think of what i want to accomplish in the next year. To that end–I want to clear the decks of ‘old’ projects to make ready for something new.

Unfortunately, I have a large stack of half-done projecst along with some on-going ones.

First there is the annual Bonnie Hunter Quiltville holiday Mystery quilt. I really enjoy mysteries of any kind—and although I know her work involves lots of tiny pieces and at the end of each one, I say to myself–lets just watch this year…but then I relent and pull out fabrics and start.

This year’s project was based on the colors of iris blooms—a favorite flower of mine—but poppies are my frist love. I planted them with my dad when I was five. He let me pick out the flowers I wanted and that was what I chose.

I had sufficient fabric for a backing featuring poppies; so I chose colors from it and started.

Here are the first set of blocks—yes those are 2.5 inch hourglass blocks in the corners–I was not saying nice things while sewing half a gazillion of them.

nd yes, there are two other projects underneath….waiting their turn.

An on-going project was a sampler of assorted blocks under the direction of the Pineywoods Quilt Guild. I pulled a variety of blues to work from. I’ve learned to pull fabrics and leave them in a box or container and not allow myself to use them in another project until that one is completed.

As you can see, I deal with layering—not a bad idea these days with our temps below freezing for several days.

I pulled out all of those blocks and set them out.

Now to decide on sashing strips and border—leaning toward very simple…and it will need a backing. Although I have been piecing backings, I think this one will get one of those wide backs—maybe from someone’s year end sale.

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  1. I like the colors in your Bonnie Hunt blocks. I feel your pain at having to make all those tiny blocks. When I lived in WI, my neighbor who also quilted got sucked into the Bonnie Hunt patterns, taking classes offered at the local quilt shop, but I was not very interested in them myself. Even though at that time I was more prone to fussy challenging small units, it just didn’t tickle my fancy. Even less so now! But it will be a stunner when you get it done.

    December 27, 2022

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