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Tall Woman aka Matchstick Man

December 22, 2022

Last week was a busy week; at long last the front hallway ceiling repair was completed—a leaking sieve like piece of copper plumbing led to necessary plumbing repairs and an open ceiling.

But I also had two doctor appointments in Houston.

Since husband had to stay at home to allow access to the front hallway, that meant I took myself to Houston—


treated myself to an exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts.

One of my favorite aritsts is Giacometi, a Swiss born artist. One of his pieces was what I learned last week was titled Tall Woman–I called Matchstick Man. It is tall, thin, spare, but incredibly textured. That sculpture was in the Cullen Sculpture Garden and along with Matisse’s ‘ Four Backs was always something I visited.

Then the sculpture was moved in-doors—and then it disappeared.

But an entire exhibit of his work including Tall Woman was on display.

Here are two postcards I picked up that give a bit of the flavor of the show.

There was movie showing him working in his studio…it was not much more than a roof with walls. He drew on the walls making them his sketchbook for ideas.

His drawings reflected his spare approach to imagery—he also drew on newspapers and exhibit catalogs–his lithographs were landscapes but still spare.

Best of all–I had that entire exhibit totally to myself. It was such a wonderful treat to stand for long moments in front of a particular piece without noting someone else waiting for their turn—or listening to an expert telling them what they were looking at.

It was a wonderful exhibit–and since the show is up until sometime in February and I have one ticket left, I might indulge myself again—but this time take my camera.

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