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A Leaf and a Book

What is the most logical thing for someone with lots of projects partially completed, too many plans for others, and a work room bulging with supplies?

Why of course you take a class to learn something new!

Sort of new.

In years past I took a class in printmaking where I learned a lot of different techniques. I have always been especially fond of wood-cuts. In addition to trying to learn water color painting–I also took several classes in that–but to my now chagrin, learned very little.

The class I took last Saturday was with Winslow Art Center in Seattle and featured Mollie Hashimoto. We were supposed to carve soft stamp–but I could only find linocuts. It is much more difficult and the size was too small for my fumbly fingers but the above is my first attempt on regular paper–not the nice water color paper which would allow me to color in some of the areas.

I used stamp pad ink, not etching ink–it also was not available–so I used what I had.

Heree is my second print. I don’t know why it is so light–I will have to do some experimenting with another ink pad perhaps.

And just to show I have multiple projects underway, here is the Handmade Book Club November book–diamond binding. The cover was made in a conference at Camp Allen near Navasota Texas. It is house paint applied with scrapers, twigs, and pine needles.

I f you are thinking my photos aren’t the best–you are quite correct. The graphic on the right is from an old calendar printed by a local mortuary and distributed annually to our local Episcopal Church—it isn’t glued on yet—and might have something else substituted.

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