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Sort of a Leather Journal but Not Really

One of the recent project posted was a long stitch journal with a cut-out in the spine.

Trying to use what I have….I have a vast supply of nearly everything craft-wise, I chose to try a fabric journal.

I had made three fabric collages on ticking fabric that was about the right size for the paper I had.

I stabilized the fabric and sewed on an inside fabric to hide the wrong side of the collage.

Then I used my new tool–a Crop-a=Gater….a huge hole punch to place three holes; and then used eyelets to stabilize them,

I ended up sewing the signatures in twice—paper is much more forgiving than I had ever thought–being much more accustomes to fabric.

Figuring out a closure was challenging, and I used two buttons/buttonholes.

And here is the spine. Getting those holes lined up is tricky and I didn’t do the best job of it—but practice as they say may change that.

Thje cord is hemp found in the jewelry section. I used beeswax on it—that makes a huge difference in how easy the knotting and handling of the stitching.

Next week starts another hand made book challenge. I am trying to finish up some of the half done projects before it starts.

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