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Finishing Up Projects

As noted earlier this week, I am always full of enthusiasm in January for new projects and just new stuff.

But then the fall comes and it seems to be time to finish some of them up so as to start the new year fresh.

I finished a quilt top that was a challenge issued by a Louisiana Quilt Guild. But it needs to be quilted and to be quilted it needs a backing.

I have a wealth of fabric and have rarely purchased new fabric in the past few years—-I became interested in hand-made books and water color painting and spent my money on THOSE things that are fabric/thread equivalents.

I measure what I have left and then draw out a diagram of how I think I can put it together.

I piece the backing with an eye to the fewest seams on the exterior of the backing.

next I fold it up and label it so I know which side is the ‘top’ side. I can unfold it and see when I am loading it into the Gammill but it’s really easy when I have all the information right there.

The backing and quilt are then folded up together.

I use the small bits and pieces to make the label.

I iron a piece of freezer paper to stabilize the center writing area—everything gets folded up together and transported to my Gammill where it needs to wait in line for the next opening.

There are three ahead of it and one in the frame–so it may be a bit.

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