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Carrots and Radishes

There is just something about vegetables and food you have grown yourself.

I pulled the carrots several weeks ago.

I did not realize there were so many varieties of carrots. Here mine are next to the commercial ones.

My intended project that day was carrot cake.

And then there are radishes.

I pulled these last weeks. Radishes are not my favorite vegetable but I grown them every year. One of my brothers liked them and so does my husband. They are easy to grow and don’t mind our cool fall weather.

Hoping I will see lettuce sprouting up soon.

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  1. Linda W Miles #

    One day, long , long ago, my oldest daughter asked if she could go play with the water hose. I said ok if she will water the lettuce. Checked on her and saw that the lettuce was dry, to which she replied, ” Oh, you mean the salad.”

    November 23, 2022

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