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Its Friday and time to shop

Many attendees spend most of their time in the vendor section.

There is always new fabric lines, new thread, new irons or ironing boards and of course sewing machines and quilting machines.

Festival or similar shows are ideal for looking at machines and any hardware—ie expensive…item you need to upgrade or just because. New machines don’t make better quilts just like new paint and paintbrushes do not make masterpieces—but they are fun and can be incredibly inspiring.

I took the time to look at a replacement for my current workhorse of a Pfaff 7570. It is nearly forty years old and its computer screen is failing. I did not buy a new machine but I did get some lighting for these ‘getting older’ eyes that have difficulty seeing the menu in one of those atmospheric restaurants that do minimize the wrinkles that go along with the ‘older eyes’.

I tried to write down teh names of quilters and the quilts but next time I will take my brochure and a stack of post-it notes to do a better job of notation.

So here are a few of my thoughts.

This was a fun project, so bright and cheerful—and look how the not easily divisible number of letters was handled. The title is “Unscripted”…a clever play on words.

then there was this Cherry Basket—with equal values of the lime green and red and purple—and buttons to match.

I like to work with a lot of thread—and this piece with some of the design defined by black thread and some by the goldy-orange thread popping out the black circles. This one is titled ‘Golden Pathways”

Using a block called sunflower to create sunflowers—not a new idea but skewing them to suggest the movement of the sunflowers through the day—-

This one is titled ‘Troubador”

finally—this very simple concept—but exquisitely executed—Mobius Circle. Looking back through my notes on a retrospective of Escher—perhaps the artist had been to that very same exhbit.

Again, now I have some better ideas of how to notate….there will be next year—

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