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Bricks and Scraps

Sometimes a quilt just finishes itself without even planning too much about it. I started cutting up scraps into rectangles, storing them in a small box; adding to it when I used up a fabric and had just a strip left; and suddenly that box was full.

So then I started sewing those rectangles together.,…in between other seams.

And then suddenly it was a top.

And one day I decided to use up some yardage for the backing of another quilt—also a scrap one—and had enough left to quilt this one.

I liked the pantograph on the table and so I quilted it—and now it is done and waiting for a binding.

and then there is this one.

I’m a member of three quilt guilds, two of them quite small-;;;more the size of a large bee—that makes them fun.

The president of one issued a challenge to complete a quilt using mystery directions with two options each month for that month’s round of blocks.

I worked along and then veered off in my own direction. I thought this last round was these bow-tie blocks—but after I re-read the directtions—they are the CORNERS! But I made enough of them to go around—and because I’m not fond of square quilts, I added some extra to top and bottom—-which meant I had to make even more of those bow-ties—-and then that green polka-dot was just overwhelming, and I decided to calm it down with soe appliqued circles.

I did add a border of that avocado green so I would not have seams on the edges—now to sew down all those circles;

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