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Another Learning Curve

Sometimes life tells you an update or change is needed.

And so now I have a new computer with Windows 11, a touchscreen that is immense.

Some of my passwords were saved; some were not; some were so old they expired and I had to start new.

But now I am working away at this new computer.

I’ve also enrolled in two on-line classes—struggling to keep up with intermittent internet access and a new computer where everything is in a different place.

Cousinmn Sheldon, his wife Mary and me

I’m still recovering from a respiratory infection I picked up somewhere with allergy season as well so I’m a bit late in posting all my photos and doings in Wisconsin.

This is my cousin Sheldon. His father was my dad’s younger brother—and the resemblance to my dad, his uncles, and some of my nephews is uncanny. He is several years older than I am and so remembered our Grand-Dad and grandmother–I got her curly hair. I was just six when he died; a married college student when she passed away.

And here is one of my favorite places—-the Kickapoo River Landing.

We canoed down this river several times; having to portage around dams and blocked trees. It has been cleared out considerably for canoers and also as flood control. My dad or one of my brothers would put us in upstream and then come collect us at the junction of the Kickapoo with the Wisconsin River.

Lots of mosquitoes but lots of gorgeous scenery and rock faces along the trip.

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