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Back to Wisconsin the Badger Way and Gain an Hour

The trip to Michigan from Mantowoc was in the afternoon. It was dusk when we arrived at 7PM;. We did not have a vehicle being not quite sure how they would handle an electric car….its get=up=and=go function is speedier than most people are accustomed and we could imagine it being driven into the back of someone else.

So we were on foot.

There were supposed to be taxis at the dock—but there weren’t.

Fortunately the cruise director offered us a ride to our motel–it was two blocks away from her home.

I wont say anything about that motel other than it was a long walk in the dark the next morning in wet grass to get back to the ship and we won’t be staying there again.

The trip back was uneventful, the seas===lake–calm.

Here are a few photos

The casting off procedure was interesting—two large ropes attached by large hooks to a big post on the dock. The ship loosened the ropes and the person on the dock unhooked the ropes, then the ropes were hauled back in—-really loud and noisy.

I spent most of the trip back sleeping in the museum; our stateroom was icy cold with only two thin blankets the kind you get in the hospital.

Off=loading the ship was interesting and this time I took photos of the process.

If you had a motorcycle, you drove it off yourself. All the other vehicles were driven off by the porter—who ran back into the ship.

We drove off with our first charging in Madison East Town Mall….where we encountered two pan-handlers. It was a bit of a shock–we are accustomed to them here but not in Wisconsin.

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