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Mississippi Meandering

A trip to Wisconsin always includes a view of the Mississippi.

My farm is not far from Prairie du Chien….although we shortened it to Praiire. There are other Prairie du somethings in Wisconsin reflecting the French fur trader influence of the late 1700s and early 1800s.

There are two channels and further south in Potosi it is a mile wide. Flooding is an annual springtime event with businesses on Main Street preparing with sand-bags.

I spent a morning walking around the gardens on St. Feriole Island. There was a light rain and I had it to myself.

Wisconsin has an abundant summer…flowers flourish—but then the winters are long and dreary with a muddy spring accompanied by floods.

East channel with a huge ditch between me and that railroad track and then a large bank down to the river

I stopped near Lynxville to try my hand at some water color painting. I use a water-brush and was able to use water from a nearby puddle for my work.

A large information sign described the logging/rafting occurring on the river–with the largest raft in 1896 that was 270 feet wide and 1550 feet long. The last lumber raft was in 1915.

It was a welcome break from cleaning and weeding at the farm.

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