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Hummingbirds and Hollyhocks

Earlier this month I spent ten days in southwestern Wisconsin. The weather was quite lovely–a bit chilly for this now Texas gal–in the low 80’s….they were complaining it was hot and I was thinking a jacket might be nice.

My good friend has hummingbird feeders outside her house up on a ridge in the Driftless Region. She fills those feeders twice a day during busiest season. Her cat and dog watch the show from inside the house, a window, couch, and pillows conveniently placed for their viewing pleasure.

I stood outside watching….and watching….and taking photos….and trying to get a good video. Those feeders resemble O’Hare airport with all the available sites occupied and others hovering waiting eagerly for their slot.

Here are a few of the photos. there is a video editing program on Windows 10 which I may give a try—note to self–take out tripod and focus on area FIRST, then press the button to record.

Another year…as it is time for them to head south and I am back in Texas listening to rain.

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