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Lone Star Flight Museum

What a fantastic display of airplanes!

The last time I had been to the flight museum had been many years ago—a large hanger in Galveston with planes partially dismantled, the smell of oil, tool boxes and wrenches on the floors. Hurricane Ike destroyed that facility. Seven long years passed before this new facility was built—with two runways to accommodate the planes.

Two large hangers display planes. the planes so polished and in pristine condition–it is like visiting a classic car display. There are engines and docents to talk about some of the planes. Only three of the planes in the museum are no longer allowed to fly. Rides in four different planes are available along with two squished penny kiosks.

A gallery of Texas aviators is in the middle of a graphic history of aviation beginning with the Wright brothers.

Then there was the hang glider simulators and the flight simulators—I crashed into Alcatraz and ended up flying upside down. I should probably leave flying to professional pilots!

Paper airplane directions, experiments with air flow and heat, study guides for three grade levels from first to eight grade rounded out the museum.

We didn’t stop at the small coffee shop or visit the gift shop…we were sure our two dogs would be waiting eagerly for our return.

nose art

view of one of the hangers

it was a pleasant way to spend a day.

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