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Another episode of what was I thinking

For those of you who remember the I love Lucy show, one episode featured her returning from a massive shopping trip with Ethel proudly announcing her score of a hundred pounds of dog food ….and they did not own a dog.

So why did I buy a quilt kit at a quilt show ten years ago?

It was batik.

I liked the colors.

It was on sale.

I liked the pattern–it was simple and looked fun..

I took that kit to a retreat with some friends along with a lot of other projects—it is easier to cut out things with a nice big table. Cutting always takes time and once you have all the tools out–the rulers, a nice sharp rotary cutter blade—and folks to chat while you do one of the more boring parts—

so I cut out the pieces. Except I decided to use part of one version and part of another version offered in the pattern. I discovered the quilt store staff did not cut straight; there were some of the dreaded v shaped strips. But I got it done.

Six months later, I pulled out that bundle. Did I remember what I had planned?


Thought for a bit; slung a few pieces up on the design wall.

Moved them around some.

Sewed it together–does not look anything like the pattern–either version—but it is together; now it is quilted, trimmed and in the queue for binding. It is destined for the guild’s quilt auction in March.

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