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Rhododendron Trail

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a live rhododendron shrub/bush. I’m not sure they grow in this part of the country. Just like there are no lilacs here, crepe myrtle trees are the closest…alas no fragrance just a constant dripping of nectar attracting bumblebees and honey bees.

Each year a mystery quilt is offered by Bonnie Hunter who lives now in southern Virginia mountains. She selects a color scheme from something in her travels or now around her cabin home somewhere near the Appalachian Trail. It starts Thanksgiving and ends a bit after New Year’s, something to keep those of us who are not with family occupied.

Last year’s was Rhododendron Trail. Her quilt featured some pieces that suggested butterflies but those pieces were tiny and I opted to omit them. I did include several embroidered magnolia blossoms on a handyed white on white. Sometimes I use the back of a fabric I’ve hand-dyed—the patterning being much more subtle.

For those of you with sharp eyes, yes, those are John Deere tractors in those yellow centers of the lower blocks and a few others as well.

And in an effort to use up fabric I already have and not buy anything I pieced a backing to include a large floral.

Now it is done, bound, labeled, photographed—I don’t do formal portraits for quilts destined for beds and to keep folks warm.

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