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Frying Eggs

When newspaper reporters were interested in news, one decided to see if it was really hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

It was–but it took most of the day as I recall.

I’m not eager to be outside long enough to try it again–in true scientific fashion….an experiment should be reproducible to believe the outcome.

It is hot here, very hot. Our mini-splits are struggling even though I prefer much warmer temps than most people…rheumatoid arthritis will do that.

Our life has been busy with garden duties, lawn-mowing, tending to a very ill dog—who is now back to her usual naughty self, house improvement projects—garage roof was sagging–had foundation work and then the roof repaired. The RV parked outside the shop is now gone—gone to a new home to be refurbished. The new owner seems eager to take on what looks like a huge piece of junk.

I’ve been working away at projects in my sewing room.

For several years I’ve compiled a list of UFO’s from 1 to 12 with the idea of completing one each month based on a random number drawn. A group I am in is doing the same but allowing 2 months to complete a project. That makes 18 projects!

Instead of sorting through boxes I had stuffed multiple projects in, I put down the number of the box. 1 through 4, two months are binding months–I seem to get behind on that.

This month’s draw was from Box No. 4.

I found these roughly cut diamonds left-over from my mother’s quilting days; I’ve sewn them together and trimmed to even edges—she was accurate in piecing but not in cutting. Although I think maybe my dad might have cut out some for her. She had trouble with her hands after chemo; and he did a lot of marking for her.

I also dragged out an old Art project. I pieced the top together with the idea of a portrait of my maternal aunt along with some photos from her life. Crumb blocks surrounding the main figure are supposed to suggest a lifetime of memories—she made my wedding dress along as well as one of my sister-in-law’s and a niece and her wedding party.

I have two photographs nearly done; on to the main character and a few more memories.

The white is cotton organdy; I use it as a stabilizer to build the applique; it looks rather cruel to have those pins stuck in the middle of their faces—and I’ve since redone the coat on the left and added a tie on my uncle.

I am not expert in applique; this has proven challenging.

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