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Zipper and a few tackets

One of the groups I was in had a basket full of word prompts; each of us put in a word and one was drawn out every other month or so. Some of mine were successful but I did not think this one worked.

I stuck it aside in a pile of ‘what shall I do with these’ for contemplation later or perhaps as a stuffing for a dog bed

I’ve also been working with fabric covers for some of the Hand-Made book monthly projects. Some are successful.

The project was a dos a dos tacket book. Two signatures with two covers joined together; similar to ones discovered in Africa. One signature was the Gospel, the other the Psalms. Interesting idea.

I made a small paper one.

I could not figure out how to use that zipper piece as the cover. I made two separate booklets instead.

Since that fabric was quite thick I decided to try eyelets for the sewing holes; narrow ribbon for the one booklet, perle cotton for the other two. the white one with the chili pepers is another one of those–now I’ve made it–what shall I do with it….ice dyed silk velvet remant.

It was an interesting experience; not sure I will repeat this format but it did give me several afternoons of thinking and experimenting with fabric, paper, and tools.

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