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Flying High

Yesterday I claimed I had not been working on any art pieces—sort of true but I was still mulling over this particular piece.

The background had been done for some time. A piece of ice-dyed fabric for the sky pieced with some others to suggest sunset and a field.

Rather plain!

I thought I might add a kite flier to the piece; How big should that kite flier be? And did I have a model?

My model was myself blowing bubbles.

Here are the mock-ups.

I worked away and came up with this. Note the pink in the hair–it was the second fabric I tried–and the first piece was too small. The image I was working from was from the front–and I wanted this figure to face the kite. After a couple of unsuccesses, I built it from the back forward.

looked at if for two weeks and did not like it. Took off the pants and substituted this;

I hand-stitched on part of the sleeve, the backing is a sturdy duck cloth fabric; gave up on the hand-part and machine stitched the top of the sleeve. Frequently for a piece I know is destined to be a wall piece, I add a smaller sleeve filled with washers to weigh down the bottom.

It is now destined for its formal portrait maybe next week.

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  1. I like your changes on this one. It is often better to let things sit for awhile when a better option presents itself rather than rushing and forcing.

    July 3, 2022

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