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Procrastination with a Capital C

Stowed out of sight in my workroom are 8 stretched canvases destined to be my new series of work illustrating the Miracles of Jesus. Perhaps I am in the contemplation stage of just exactly how I will do these—and not the way others have rendered their ideas. Sometimes I spend a lot of time looking at what others have done, but this time I have decided to make it strictly from my impressions as a bystander.

But instead of working on them, I have been procrastinating with crumb blocks.

Crumb blocks or mile a minute blocks have been my leader-enders for several years. Those unfamiliar with the term need to know they are bits of fabric sewn together at the end of stitching part of a quilt block or perhaps even a garment as a way of making sure the top thread does not get sucked down into that vast hole on the needle plate of a sewing machine to create a nest of thread—and so you don’t have to keep picking up the scissors–hidden somewhere on your work-table to snip the threads at the beginning and ending of a seam.

I prep the pieces while watching something really educational on television at night; sew them, press them when there is a big stack, trim them, and add on more fabric pieces while again watching those educational programs. Sometimes there is a section left-over from a quilt top–four patches or half square triangles. The final block size is 6.5 inches. It doesn’t take long to accumulate a lot of them…..I have a document box that was full.

I pulled out blocks that had pink in them to make a large star quilt. I pulled out pieces to add to an art piece—yes, procrastinating on that one too. But instead of working on any art project, I chose to sew these together.

Here is that box and how I set them up–two together, then twelve sets of two; the final piece begin 74 by 90.

here is my setup on my work table.. a few squares from somewhere that weren’t large enough to do anything with–but too pretty to discard

and here the top is—not quite completed–it is too big for my small’ish design wall. It is now in the stack to be quilted—three others are ahead of it.

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  1. I’ll be interested to see what you come up with for the mounting of the art pieces. I tried several different ways over the years before I settled on the one that worked for me and my pieces. But I always keep an eye out for new ideas.

    July 3, 2022

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