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Bookbinding Secrets

I have always enjoyed working with paper, paint, inks, and then there are BOOKS!

If I could live anywhere, it would be in a library…..

Like a lot of folks during the pandemic lock-down, I did some cleaning and organizing–but also decided to try book-binding. I am not expert but I do seem to have gained some expertise…enough not to think I have ten thumbs and understanding about grain and pressing and glues.

This month’s project was something called the Secret Belgian Binding. I’m not sure why it is called that–the stitching of the signatures to the spine is not visible on the exterior. The method used created a very stable structure. I used a gift bag for the covers, a brown paper bag for the inner covers and Neenah paper for the signatures.

The other book I finished–it is the second time I have bound it—a double needle coptic features my drawings/paintings from Big Bend earlier this year.

I had been pleased to find what I thought was a nice pad of watercolor paper at Target at a low price. then I discovered it had significant bleed-through on the back sides. Good to know—but sufficient for my first consistent plein air attempt.

Two bottles of PVA are arriving next week so I can glue the covers together–unless I decide to rebind again with a different book-cloth spine.

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