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Apron Strings

Yesterday the Supreme Court voted 6 to 3 to return the decision about abortion to the states. There are cheers on one side and boos on the other. While I think abortion is a horrible thing to contemplate, I do not wish to return to a time of back alley abortions with coat hangers, a time in which women could not buy a refrigerator without their husband’s signature, married women only could have access to birth control again only with the written consent of their husband. At one time I prescribed birth control pills to unmarried teenagers—it was against the law at the time—and would do it again.

One weekday afternoon I watched a group of well-fed, well-housed, in expensive cars preach at women arriving at a planned parenthood clinic—not well-housed or well-fed or expensively dressed. None of those well-to-do women–who did not have jobs or anything more on their day’s tasks than selecting the restaurant for the evening’s meal—offered a bag of groceries or diapers, babysit, or a job.

Walking a mile in norther’s shoes is called compassion. I certainly cannot imagine myself in that ‘kept’ woman role but I can imagine the desperation of the women seeking help.

That said—I spent the day making this apron.

It was a pattern coupled with the fabric—and while it claimed to have two sizes, it was obviously meant for someone who was about 5’2″ and about 108 pounds.

The straps are not long enough to accommodate my broad shoulders or height. I pinned on some fabric to see if that would work better—and it does. And I think I will add a button to one strap to aid in donning.

The fabric did have a nice hand to it; the pink stripe an unusual choice for me—I don’t do florals or pink or purple.

I’m glad I can still choose what I wear and even try something different.

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