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Fountains, a Waterfall and Foucault

Museum hopping on a hot summer day….something we would do with our boys…in the spirit of educational experiences….but now without them in tow—as a fun day for ourselves.

It took some doing but we found a parking spot and then walked to the Museum of Natural Science.

Our path led us through the McGovern Garden area—a space we had not ever explored before.

There were fountains.

and lots of chairs

Wide paths around banks of flowers and shrubbery on both sides of the central grassy area—and a waterfall at the distant end.

since we did not have a timetable we decided to explore this. Here was the entrance to the waterfall.

As we walked up we were both thinking===Guggenheim—but this one was cylindrical rather than conical.

Each section is an individual fountain–but constructed so as to look like it is continuous.

We entered the museum just as several tour groups were leaving. Southeast Texas coastline was one of the exhibits—and then there was the Cabinet of Curiosities—a fun exhibit with drawers and drawers of interesting things to look at.

But no trip is complete without the Foucault pendulum.

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