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Kachinas and St. Paul

Routine doctor visits in Houston provide the opportunity for some culture.

It was very hot outside and I found myself with plenty of outdoor seating as most folks were inside peering out at me. I enjoyed Starbucks coffee while watching the train go by, the folks dressed in scrubs on their way to work–or home—and then I hopped on the train to the Museum of Fine Art.

There is always something interesting to see before getting to the featured exhibit. I stopped in the hallway to view the kachinas.

Most were of various woods with some feathers or fibers; but then there was the hand-inscribed graphics…so reminiscent of zentangles or seminole piecing.

Here are a few photos:

I had brought sketching supplies along and did several sketches—all in ink–still waiting for the water color….if I let the ink dry thoroughly it doesn’t seem to smear when wash is applied.

This tree was appealing.

And then there was this church—St. Paul’s Methodist Church. I walked all around it, tried the front door and was surprised to find it open on a Thursday afternoon. The receptionist graciously let me into the sanctuary to view the spectacular stained glass windows.

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