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Some things are better as memories

I had tried to get the grainery re-roofed but every contractor I called was not interested.

And so I took a few photos to remember it.

This was Dad’s workshop area. He did all his welding here. Attached was a cement tank with a tiny stove used to provide water for the cows. Dad would have the break the ice with an axe and light the stove to heat up the water enough for the cows.

The grinding wheel sometimes lived in the house basement but sometimes in the workshop. Dad used it to sharpen tools especially Mom’s hoe each spring. He also sharpened the blades of the plow and the sickles.

There was an old cabinet hung on the wall dating back to grandparents’s days on the farm.

There was a window overlooking the pasture and providing natural light in addition to a few bare light bulbs hung here and there. Dad hung his tools and products of his work on the walls—I have no idea what some of them are—but I’m sure if he was still around he could tell me what they were used for.

That grainery was used to raise baby chicks in the spring before harvest time required space for oats.

Some things must be meant to be memories.

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