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Farm Life

Our first stop in Wisconsin was the family farm. We decided we would sleep there–but didn’t expect it to be so COLD!!! It was in the 60’s—and we had just been in Texas where it was 90.

But we wanted to see the farmhouse and the progress made by my two brothers who have been working in between their other responsibilities.

Springtime/early summer in Wisconsin is always glorious and so appreciated after a cold dreary gray winter. We missed the lilacs and the tulips and crocuses but the iris was in full bloom.

The fan on the windmill fell several years ago and is somewhere behind the barn. Although we have a new pump, I’d like to get a fan put back on—just to see it whirling. It was the last working windmill on the ridge and for many miles around. Unfortunately DNR restrictions required the well be closed.

That maple tree is older than I am.

The tree next to the barn is not quite so large but its branches were on top of the barn roof. It was trimmed back and looks a bit ungainly but still an elegant tree.

That pile of wood is from that tree. Brother Paul will use it to keep his house warm this winter.

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