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Traveling with Tessie

Tessie has a mind of her own when it comes to driving. Sometimes she eagerly races along and other times she panics when the lane lines are not obvious, painted over due to construction or just not there.

Still, it was a long trip and Tessie took us safely to Wisconsin, and back home again despite a downpour in Arkansas.

Tessie requires charging at intervals; that means finding the charging stations. Sometimes they are at a grocery store, sometimes at a gas station, sometimes at a restaurant. The time required is usually about 20 to 25 minutes. This seems long but then it is good for us to get out and walk around after sitting for two hours.

sometimes a fellow traveler will ask about the car, its mileage and so forth.

Then there are the regular rest stop stops—older gentlemen need frequent stops. Another opportunity to walk around–good for our circulation.

Lots of semis on the road, lots of other vehicles, no-one seeming to limit travel due to fuel prices.

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