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Flying a Kite

I”ve been working on this piece for several days. Most of the working consists of thinking about the fabrics I want to use, looking through a lot of boxes of fabric to pick out just the right ones.

Some of you suggested the larger figure—and that is easier to work on than one less than four inches tall.

The fabrics had to sufficiently contrast with the sky and grass.

Choosing the clothing and shoes and the skin color was fairly easy. Choosing the hair much more difficult, I tried several different pieces and made three attempts at the head—taking them off—creating the head-less kite flyer. I’ll spare you that image.

Finally I decided on this fabric–it is a feathery small paisley type with just enough color to contrast with the sky. The face required several attempts—too much made it look like a Bobble-head—again I’ll spare you that image also.

I also sewed on the binding—it isn’t sewn to the back yet–so it still looks rather lumpy—but that will disappear when I take out all those pins.

there is more stitching to be done, kite tail to be added but I am pleased with the progress.

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