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Silk flowers and a new project

I have been trying to be very orderly and complete projects before I start another.

There are two projects on my design wall waiting my attention—both involving some drawing skills and one a new technique that I haven’t figured out yet—not a run-of-the-mill technique I can easily find on Youtube or reference book. It would be far easier to scan the images and have them printed on fabric than it will be to use fabric and thread to create the images

While I am thinking about this project, I found a length of silk, some stabilized purple silk gauze and a scrap of brightly colored pink sateen.

Flower shapes begin readily at hand due to my work on Garden Party, I cut out shapes, added some circles for centers, put down another lengthe of a fusible and a greeny-yellow sheer and here is what I have.

I backed it with a scrap of corduroy, stained and not large enough for a project.

I will finish it up with some stitching over the top using a heavy embroidery thread and then convert it into a cover for a Marble notebook.

A fun easily accomplished project not requiring a lot of thought.

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