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Scraps, left-overs, and Clutter

Some people work best with an abundance of choices. Perhaps they are the extroverts of the world.

I am clearly not.

I can be social if required to do so—my job certainly involved a great deal of interaction but I still needed time for introspection—I made and poured a lot of coffee during those busy ER days—-drank very little of it.

I also like tidiness.

Given a pile of scraps, left-over from a project—the project completed to my satisfaction, they do no organize well into neat piles.

And so I use them to make post-cards or covered Marble notebooks.

I work from a background base—and this also was a left-over. Somehow I inherited my grandmother’s and parents’ propensity to not throw anything away that might prove useful in the future.

And then I pin the scraps into place in some sort of compostion; intending to add stitching and possible embroidery and other embellishments as an evening television watching project.

Two of them are finished, one awaits embellishments–and then they will be made into covers.

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