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Farewell to Teddy Bears

Sometimes it is easier to clean and organize when you are alone in your home—-or maybe it is because there is no-one to reminisce about the objects and get side-tracked. While Toby and Dora listen attentively, they do not offer verbal opinions….perhaps that is a good thing.

One of the closets had a large basket full of stuffed toys. Dusty! I had save them for grand-children—who seem to be more interested in playing outside than with stuffed critters—and it is time to dispose of them.

I’ve worked in a resale shop—-some of the items have never seen soap—I decided to wash these stuffies. Everyone came out smelling nice—except—-this poor yellow bear.

I cleaned all of this out—poor bear—he looked fine until his bath.

But then I made these two from my sister-in-law’s wedding dress remnants.

She has two grand-daughters; I sent some spools of ribbon—I am just not a good bow tie-er—thought about going to a florist shop and begging for assistance—but then thought the bows would be better tied closer to their final destination.

Sweet husband delivered them last week—to oohs and aahs—

And I still have all those other stuffies to deliver—somewhere.

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  1. Oh, those wedding dress remnant bears are wonderful! What a nice heirloom for the girls. And poor teddy – and poor you having to clean that mess out of your washing machine!

    May 26, 2022

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