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Rhododendron Trail and Roses

When I bought my Gammill several years ago, it was with the intent to finish all those quilt tops my mother had made for her grandchildren—to be gifted on the occasion of their wedding. It has been a long process—but during the pandemic, I finished them all up–bound them and sent them on their way—although some of those grand-children are still not married and there doesn’t seem to be prospects for several of them.

However, I am now working on those tops I have completed over the years, including the annual holiday mystery quilt offered by Bonnie Hunter.

The quilt for 2021 was Rhododendron Trail with lots of tiny pinwheels resembling butterflies—-it was beautiful, light and airy—-but I did not want to make those pinwheels—-so I just did the ‘flower’ parts, selected a large floral for the backing—and loaded it up.

when I load a backing I pin to the top roller, roll it carefully until I can pin to the bottom roller–and then re-wind to get back to the top. I check for wrinkles and folds along the way and leave that backing under tension at least overnight—I have yet to get any wrinkles in the backing using this method.

I do not pin the top to a roller—I use those magnetic tool strips to hold the top in place. I think it creates less strain and i still get a nice not wrinkly top.

the top is now completed, folded up, awaiting it’s turn to be trimmed, and binding.

And here are the roses from Mother’s Day

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