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Two days ago I wrote about my frustrating interaction with health insurance—it was just the eensiest smidge of self-pity—-but it is time to move on.

I grew up in Wisconsin—our state motto—-Onward!

Our past defines who we are at the start, but does not dictate our future.

With that in mind……

I began to select fabrics for the image on that quilted piece. Contrast and scale are challenging. I decide what I think will be a good color–and then I hunt for the right scale. My fabric collection—think of it as a collection of tubes of paint…is large–and I have added very little to it in the past three or four years, choosing to work from what I have.

Here is my first pull.

Whatever I choose needs to be harmonious with the background but yet distinctive.

While I dug through piles of fabric and small strips of fabric destined for crumb quilts or string piecing, the foundations guys arrived to work on the garage.

This house is old–over a hundred years—and construction methods then were different from today.

The garage was built on a row of bricks with a concrete floor poured afterwards. The cars were not very heavy—I don’t know how much a Model T or A weighed—–but they were certainly smaller and lighter than my F250 diesel–which has never seen the inside of a garage unless it was a parking garage in Houston or at Dwayne’s getting something repaired.

They were pleased to be working in the shade for most of the day—but it was still hot.

They mixed up the cement with their bobcat in the street.

by this time, they all had their shirts off—and I know you want to see that.

Now we wait for the concrete/cement—(there is a proper term…one is the ingredient and the other the finished product).. to set.

They will be back sometime in about a week to raise the garage. Then it will be time for the roof guys to appear.

And by that time I will have completed the work on that piece I started so very long ago.

Onward doesn’t give a time frame.

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