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In the Wind

Here is where I am in this piece.

I have always enjoyed the imagery of Kites, flying kites although it wasn’t something I did in grade school or even high school.

However, kite flying–with one of my brothers hanging onto a huge box kite out the back window of a Toyota LandCruiser while my husband drove across the hay field to ‘make’ wind……brother nearly flew out the back window. Then there were the kites I flew at a motorcycle racing event—and at the yacht club—that one quickly ran out the entire length of twine and escaped over Sabine Lake. And there is a kite behind the downstaris hallway heater, and another on the wall in the downstairs sun room.

But then there is the piece I’ve been working on.

The background is a hand-dyed piece created several years ago with ice and powdered dye.

It had lingered in a stack of ‘to-do’ or ‘partly done’ pieces on a tray in my sewing room.

Occasionally I will load a backing onto the Gammill and quilt several small pieces—basting is so easy on that long-arm.

I used multiple colors of thread to closely stitch on the piece, trying to emphasize the idea of a cloudy windy sky and a field with a sun-set—- a memory from my growing-up years.

Typically I use photos as references for adding imagery—and found a photo with the stance I wanted—made it into two different sizes and pinned it up on the base piece.

Now to decide—small or large?

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  1. Large!😉

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    May 19, 2022

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