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Marble Falls Adventure

Earlier this month I decided to venture out into the world of Plein Air Painting by attending ‘Paint the Town’ in Marble Falls Texas. I arranged for a stay in a tiny house just five miles out from the town center, packed my painting supplies (meager), camera and drove for hours to get there.

The tiny house was indeed tiny—just one room with a loft for a very nice bed accessed by some very steep stairs. Live oaks shaded the house and then there were the chickens.

Every afternoon around 4 they would appear at my door, looking in—and probably asking for a snack.

Several containers had been converted into living quarters with upstairs decks and strings of lights.

The area to explore was not huge, a large creek–empty on one side, a fence and road on the other sides with fallen sycamore trees.

And then there were the rain lilies. We had a few drops of rain one afternoon—and they appeared—to be gone the next morning.

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