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Three miles or 8016 steps

Trying to figure out relationships —of buildings and land areas and canals and bayous –can be challenging even when the sun is shining and it is a place you’ve been a dozen times or more before. People relationships may be a bit more straightforward—you can ask them who they are related to and if that person sitting next to them is their family member or friend or some random person.

Our walk—hardly a hike as it was all gravel paved road… was three miles according to Google maps but 8016 steps on my FitBit. We could hear some men talking–could see their cars through the trees—but we were too far away to ask them.

And then there was the waterway–it was not straight so guessing it was a bayou—the canals here tend to be straight and are the source of our city water.

I could look at a map.

Or I can just imagine the places that bayou runs and wonder if Ratty might be there—and maybe next time I can bring a picnic lunch.

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