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Dog photo Ops and a walk

The weather was supposed to be cloudy and rainy—but it was windy with intermittent clouds looking like rain. We loaded up the dogs into Tessie and headed to Cat-Tail Marsh—via a different route than our usual—a bridge is being replaced.

Toby and Dora were very excited–they expected a trip to the dog park but we did not drive that way. Toby surveyed the road and our path, licked Glen’s ear a lot–as if to remind him that she really loved him and to not please get her lost somewhere.

Our walk around the marsh was quite pleasant–only one other car when we arrived. Lots of interesting smells and I think Toby wanted to play with one of the alligators. She refused to venture out on the pump mechanism, Dora, however, had no problem walking to the end of the pump and looking out over the water. Toby watched the gallinules, coots, grackles, and red-winged blackbirds flying—and wasn’t quite sure of her responsibility.

I tried to take photos of the two dogs—but they seemed more interested in facing away from the wind than in modeling.

I was surprised to see a white variation of the primrose—but on very close inspection it was a very light lavender.

We met two men from Germany with some serious camera equipment, talked birds for awhile. A man with his daughter noted the resident eagle had flown overhead on the southern most pond.

Home to wind howling around the house making it seem wintery—but still quite warm outside.

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