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Harry Lauder fruit

Several years ago we planted three citrus trees in addition to the previously planted Meyer’s Lemon. One was a kumquat and the other two were oranges. The kumquat has produced fruit fairly regularly although we have never seen it flower.

the other two died back to their base root stock–some sort of citrus but of the inedible variety.

My mother-in-law had planted something she called Harry Lauder—a very ugly jointed shrub of some sort–I never knew what kind it was–just that it’s variety name was Harry Lauder.

It has huge thorns on it and is covered with blooms. The fruit is green, knobby and with very little flesh–certainly not edible. There isn’t much scent to the flowers—and so it’s only attribute are the flowers.

Citrus provides nectar for our bees but there didn’t seem to be any on Harry.

It is always great to see bees on the hives flying in and out with that front entrance resembling an airport.

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  1. Lordy that’s a scary looking shrub! Being that time of year, I couldn’t help but think of the crown of thorns . . .

    April 17, 2022

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