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Spoonbills and an Oyster Fry

While attempting to tidy up my SD cards so I have room for more wonderful photos, I discovered this whole set of images from a trip we took to Smith Point near Anahuac for a volunteer fire department fund-raising oyster fry.

Smith Point isn’t very far away from us and Anahuac National Preserve is on the way…;and the opportunity for an oyster fry was tempting.

We set out, arrived at Smith Point, bought these wonderful cookies from the bake sale, and then waited in line for our food.

It was so well organized, long tables with chairs, two serving lines or was it four? We were nearly first in line and got our plates full of fried fish, hush puppies, shrimp, fries, and cole-slaw.

Nope, no oysters!

We took a look at all the auction items—a wide variety of Texas themed items…chairs, quilts, tables, signs.

Since Anahuac was on our way home, we stopped and drove through. There weren’t many people there and we could smell the marsh fires.

Alligators were out sunning; the temps were in the low 60’s, nice enough to be outside but not linger for those of us who are now very accustomed to the South.

Anhingas are always a fun sight—looking like laundry hung out to dry.

But the true prize of the day was spotting the spoonbills. They tend to wander around the marshy areas and don’t seem to stay in any one spot for long.

That was our day—and now there is one less file on that SD card ready for another adventure.

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