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Sapling Tombstones

Our weather has been scrumptiously delicious the past two weeks. Daytime temps in the mid 70s and nighttime in the low 50’s….perfect for doing almost anything outside.

Last week we attended an outdoor concert featuring a local brass ensemble. I did take photos of the event but somehow it is hard to make people wearing shorts and sandals sitting in chairs with brass instruments look interesting. We are fortunate to live just two blocks away from a house museum–the McFadden Ward house. Walking there with a sack supper and our lawn chairs made for a pleasant evening. Next month will be dulcimers!

However, with such lovely weather I thought we might go somewhere…..Village Creek State Park! I have an annual pass for all Texas State Parks–and it isn’t very far away.

After Hurricane Imelda, the park was in sad shape with tons of sand piled everywhere—quite literally tons!. We volunteered one day and spent it shoveling sand off one of the trails.

Last year they had a controlled burn of a large part of the park and now there are longleaf saplings planted in rows—resembling tombstones.

The ranger told us about a new trail–the Longleaf trail as an outer loop of the Village Slough. We found a footprint or two, a bicycle tire track, and lots of deer hoof prints. The entrance was not well-marked–just a post with a painted top….more official markers are on the way.

We thought about camping here overnight–to test our equipment—and resolve!. The most important part of my morning is COFFEE!. Maybe the ranger who lives there wouldn’t mind me inviting myself in for that first cup!

And now here are a few images from our hike;

The river always looks so calm and inviting; there are paddleboats and canoes here but no swimming is allowed. The bridges over the wet spots are all service projects from local high schools or boy scouts.

and of course, what journey would it be without a companion to enjoy the day and keep me on track.

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