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Cherry Pie and Peas

Last fall I bought two jars of Door County Cherry Pie Filling.

Our house is not heated evenly throughout and I do not do well in the cold. Although you would think being in the kitchen would be warm enough with all the cooking going on, the floor is still cold and the ceilings are high–walking around with my hands in the air just does not lend itself to lengthy cooking projects.

The weather has been much more conducive to both outdoor activities and our house is now warm enough for me to spend some time in the kitchen.

Here is the empty jar to prove I opened up the jar:

And here is the pie:

looks great doesn’t it?

The filling was good, the raw sugar on top good, the crust—awful! Not a crust I made–it came from the freezer section in the grocery store with the top one a rolled out one and the bottom one pre-formed.

But then we had this to precede the pie:

picked from our garden!

When I first started gardening here, I planted things as I remembered doing them in Wisconsin. Locals informed me of the proper schedule for planting–peas are planted in January–not end of May! And I can have year round garden produce.

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