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Picking up Where I Left Off

My sewing room or work-room is full of stuff—half-finished projects, ideas, supplies, and dreams.

I have boxes filled with projects.

I use those cardboard boxes for files from the office supply store; I can fit several projects in each of them. Some years ago, I decided to participate in American Patchwork and Quilting’s UFO challenge. Other groups have joined in as well with a reward of a large basket of sewing/quilting/art supplies.

Projects are listed–one to twelve—one month to complete–or one to six.—two months to complete.

I decided I did not want to win more ‘stuff’ as I have plenty of stuff! And so I list the projects and when the random number is pulled I work on that project.

Looking back at the years I have participated in this, I have comleted nearly every project and am now down from seven boxes to just THREE!!! yay me! Not to say I haven’t started anything new–I have.

This piece was inspired by multiple photographs of a spectacular sunrise on the way home from Del Rio.

It had lingered in the pieced strip stage; but I got it out and worked on the thread work.

I don’t think it is quite finished yet, but it will be mounted on stretcher bars and submitted to a local art show.

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  1. Sylvia, THAT piece is simply gorgeous! Pam

    Sent from my iPad


    March 29, 2022

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