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Missing a very important photo

sometimes the mysteries of wordpress and putting in photos elude me. Somehow I must not have waited long enough for the photo of my booth at the recent quilt show last weekend to load.

Here it is; I promised to wait and check to be sure it is loaded up.

And just to recap. those drapes are my dropcloths from dyeing, screen-printing, ice-dyeing and so forth. I also use cotton towels instead of paper towels. I find they hold up better, and given I bough a bundle of about ten for the same price as a roll of paper towels and have used them for at least ten years, I think they are more ecologically sound. I wash them with household cleaning rags, waiting until I have a good sized load. Some of them are quite colorful; the drop-cloths are a memory of a different kind–different projects and different times

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