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A version of Soccer Mom/Dad

March is a birthday month.

It’s my birthday, my mother’s birthday, Dr. Seuss, my youngest grand-son and my oldest grand-son. And just two weeks earlier, my middle son’s.

So a month with celebrations. And what better way to celebrate than two soccer games featuring those two grandsons.

But first here are the birthday boys.

Oliver is Five
James will be elenen in a few short days

After some of that cake, Grandpa tried to corral Oliver and read some of his birthday book–a Richard Scarry book while James perused his Soccer hand-book.

Oliver is very wiggly and it is hard to get a non blurry photo but grandpa did his best

And then it was off to the games.

here they are in their official uniforms.

It was one of those days—was it going to rain or was it going to be hot and sunny:?

we had both rain and sun

It is not easy to capture action on the soccer field.

most of my shots contained the side lines marked in chalk.

Oliver’s game was fun. Three players from each team were on the field at a time, play lasted three minutes, the referee was coaching both sides, the parents on the side lines would kick the ball back onto the field.

Oliver always seemed to hang back next to the goal although there is not an official goalie at his level.

James’ game was several miles away. It was a tense game filled with drama and ended in a tie.

keeping his eye on the game

It was a full day; we got home to dogs pleased to see us. It is amazing how tiring it is to watch grandchildren run around even though we were sitting on bleachers.

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