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Unraveling the mystery of Square

I am not a natural sales person, But I can talk about subjects I enjoy—especially bees—and talk about the processes and some of the thoughts that go into my art-work.

Last weekend I was a vendor at our local quilt guild show. Getting ready for one of these is a lot of work but it is enjoyable work and although working in multiples isn’t really something I prefer, some variation is possible.

I made stuffed bears;

And covered some Marble notebooks

hand bound books

and some monoprints in the upper left corner.

The pincushions were fun; little purses and owls with button eyes and one with a bobbin as an eye.

and honey in jars and in comb.

Here is a photo of my booth with my wonderful husband sitting in the chair trying to figure out how to work ‘Square’—-my oldest son figured it out for us—and we used it the second day with great success.

Those drapes are my drop-cloths for dyeing fabric.

It took us about twenty minutes to break it down and load it up.

I’ve been asked to vend at another show—I’m thinking about it. I will have to replenish my stock, consider display arrangements—but I do know how to work ‘Square’ so that is one less thing to conquer.

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  1. The picture of you booth did not get uploaded. I’d love to see it as I spent quite a bit of time putting together and manning booths with my friend when we launched a hand-dyed fabric business. I remember having to come up with table drops that wouldn’t look all wrinkled and creased AND were fire retardant. My friend ended up purchasing some heavier cotton fabric, yards of it, and dyeing it a lovely dark blue. I’m impressed by the variety of items you had for sale.

    March 16, 2022

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