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Rainy days and a new computer

The sun is out today. It was 36 degrees this morning, but our house is relatively warm thanks to the sun heating up our tile roof for most of yesterday.

The previous days had been dreary, chilly, and dark. After some contemplation, I decided to replace a vintage netbook working on windows 8. It sat on the corner of my sewing desk attached to a large monitor for me to watch Netflix, book-making videos, art chats, and zoom meetings. Occasionally I would read my email there. But it kept crashing.

I now have a Lenova IdeaPad with Windows 11. This laptop has Windows 10 with all my documents, photos and programs—the photos are backed up and the documents copied onto SD cards and USB sticks—

While in Big Bend I organized my document files. I haven’t figured out how to organize the photo files as they live on both an outside photo site AND on this laptop. I have to think about it.

As I usually include a photo or two or more—I would not want to deprive anyone of that opportunity.

This is my submission for ‘Funny’ in an upcoming SAQA journal

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  1. Jeannie Loving #

    That was funny! Made me chuckle.

    March 1, 2022

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