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Returngin Home

Our trip home was uneventful. Traffic was heavy and road construction made the last two hours challenging. I simply cannot see well enough at night to drive through construction zones.

Once home, we unpacked the truck (mostly) and headed to bed.

It was hard to sleep; remembering all the wonderful hikes. We contemplated a return in the near future, but there are other places to go, a family reunion, a medical school reunion plus just the regular upkeep and maintenance of house and home. The garage has a sagging roof that needs repair. The garden needs planting, and I have a stack of assorted projects all staring at me, tapping their feet impatiently.

Toby and Dora were thrilled to see us—although we tried to make it look like I was the one rescuing them from the kennel—-Dora did not buy it though. She still regards me as the one that makes her do things like go to the vet and get shots.

We learned earlier this week that a father and daughter are missing somewhere off Old Ore Road—their last sighting two days before we left. Their vehicle was left in a very remote and rough part of the park–although once off the pave road, it is all rough and remote. Maybe it was a good thing we judged our abilities as less than they were.

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