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Big Bend Adventures

Over the next few days I will posting a daily account of our time in Big Bend, a trip I had anticipated for months. We are back, unpacking, and re-entering our normal daily lives. I’ll be uploading photos too but that will take more time as I took LOTS!!!

Big Bend 2022 Day One

Two days ago we scurried around preparing for our trip. There were dogs to take to the vet and then the kennel, dishes to wash, coffee pot to prepare, compost to dump, trash cans to empty—returning to a messy dirty stinky house is not fun. And then there was packing of our clothing, what would the weather be? Loading the truck the day before as rain was predicted—no fun loading in the pouring rain.

There were things—my art/painting supplies; a bird book, cameras, a tripod, jackets, a cooler full of fruit and other perishables. And what were we going to do if the weather at home caused frozen pipes?

But we left. And about an hour and a half later we each began thinking of things we should have brought.

We made it to Del Rio and stayed in the Holiday Inn. Our room was on the third floor and we were startled with a really loud scraping sound—were there bodies being buried somewhere? Was someone moving all the hotel furniture around next door? It turned out to be renovations with grouting of a bathroom upstairs and cleaning of their tools.

The next morning we shared breakfast with two Border Patrol Officers, bought a few groceries at the Walmart and headed on our way to Big Bend. Snow was on the sides of the roads but the roads were quite clear.

Two border patrol stations have been added since we were last here—with stops going both into and out of the area. Border Patrol vehicles and a spotting plane were evident.

Stopping at the entry station we received a map of the park along with suggestions of hikes. Glen has his electric bicycle and plans to do a bit of riding—he just could not make the Yamaha start.

After driving down a private road—lots of turns and bumps, we found our cabin, and unloaded. Glen took me on a hike to Bee Mountain Springs.

Supper was a sandwich followed by another walk. Internet here is spotty but that’s okay; I’m sure we will enjoy our time outdoors and being off line.

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