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Pink is as Pink Does

Some times it is a good thing—or something to not have to think very hard about—but taking a pile of scraps and making something of them. I inherited my mother’s quilting scraps along with her threads and tools and quilting patterns. Along the way two friends in a Nancy Crow workshop also gave me their scraps—I think I cast an admiring eye on them–or picked up few—and they went home with me. They sat in a zip-lock bag for quite some time—until I decided to put them together—after all I had a niece who became a grandmother of a little girl—and this stuff had a lot of pink in it.

The quilt itself is fairly simple–strips surrounded by an ocean of my mother’s pink fabric on a bolt. Mom’s leftovers required more effort—and I formed them into a tote bag—who doesn’t need a lot of tote bags with a baby.

And then I had this zippered Cathedral Window pouch my mother used to put some tissues and other cleaning supplies in her car and quilting basket—just in case.

So here they are.

I used a heart pattern to quilt the interior of those bright pink strips—the size is a good 45 by 60—a grea size as a lap quilt, to cushion a car seat, to serve as a picnic blanket if necessary.

There are a few more scraps and left-overs from my mother’s fabrics—it is a good feeling to see them put to good use by family members who will appreciate them.

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