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Watercolor Class Venture

I’ve been listening/viewing ArtChat on Winslow Art Academy and decided to sign up for a two session class. The class is taught by Molly Hashimoto who works in water colors and printmaking. Only a few students signed up all claiming to be novices, however, when they all showed their workshop pieces, it was clear they were not.

I, on the other hand, decided to work with a tiny water color travel palette and some paper I found at Target.

I learned a lot from this class—-the paper I used is not designed to be painted on both sides; and it might be better used as sketching rather than water color. I used a water-brush instead of a regular brush–a challenge as it was relatively large in comparison to the images we were working on.

because the paper tore when I tried to remove the masking tape to define the edges, I added the strips of colored paper. I do have an official watercolor palette and a set of nice brushes and paint and better paper—but I wanted to give it a try and it was a fun afternoon.

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